Apps and Services

Customized eLearning platforms which provide exactly what your organization needs. You shouldn’t have to change your training strategy to adapt to your platform. Our experience and know-how will organize specific technologies to be implemented in a unique platform, made just for you, that meets all your requirements.

Software Integration

Our web development work prepares the Totara and Open Source platforms for integration with other software, allowing communication between the various systems, facilitating the automatic sharing of information, ensuring speed and simplicity in the use of the platforms, without the need for manual data passing.
Database Migration

Migrating data from any system into an eLearning platform can be a problem for many companies. As experts in this area, we plan carefully and take the right approach, in order to be able to manage the whole process of passing data and files without problems, obtaining the intended outcome, allowing user and training history to be brought into the new LMS.

Advanced Settings



If you want your eLearning platform to have advanced features and perform tasks that are not standard on Totara or Open-source platforms, we have the technical knowledge and programming to turn your idea into tools that will improve your learning experience. From integrating web conference systems into the LMS to building reports and from creating audiences to monitoring attendance.

Authentication Systems

We make it easy for users to log in to platforms. Authentication is the process that allows the user to enter the eLearning platform and there are several methods for authenticating users. Our job is to find the best advanced authentication method that fits your situation and makes it easy to log in from any location.



eLibrary System

If you want to integrate a digital library with over 1700 eBooks and audioBooks in your eLearning platform, with several areas of knowledge and practical reading content that takes 1 to 2 hours, EDUdigital implements this eLibrary system to complement your eLearning courses.

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