Advanced Settings & Authentication
We work with open-source, flexible platforms that allow us to make advanced configurations and add several plugins according to your learning needs. Integrating a web conference system into the platform, integrating authentication systems, tracking performance, creating training plans or building custom reports and all activities that we have been doing for many years and in multiple sectors of activity.
Advanced Settings

Explore the endless possibilities of the platforms we install, with custom plugins, expandable configurations that provide you with effective training, with training plans, with hierarchical structures, with face-to-face training management, with reports and many other tools that improve your learning.

Services & Advantages


Web Conference Integration

It is possible to integrate several web conference software with our LMSs which facilitate live training/tutoring, session recording for unsynchronized viewing and collaborative file/screen sharing.

Testing & Quality

When we expand your platform with plugins or new tools launch, we perform tests. Our quality control requires the use of techniques to adapt the LMS to our client’s profile.

Managing face-to-face training

Combine eLearning training with live training actions and with the creation of face-to-face sessions, all the attendance management and organization of the training room.

Report Building

To make timely decisions, we set up customized reports to extract information with various filters and with the option of graphs that summarize training data.

Training plans & Hierarchies

With our experts’ help, develop specific skills for your employees, according to their position, and monitor their progress through training records.


Whatever your trainees, our responsive development will answer. We create platforms that are consistent and accessible from all types of devices.

Authentication Systems

Advanced authentication settings allow the user to enter eLearning platforms without repeating the same process of having to insert usernames and passwords every day. Our technicians work to develop the authentication method that best fits your situation and that facilitates access from anywhere and from any device..
Serviços e Vantagens


Active Directory ou Single Sign On

With the core features already developed by our open-source platforms, our authentication configuration work is done internally and will only require a few exchanges of information with your team.

Simplified Authentication

We are not attached to any proprietary software and we insert plugins that allow authentication from external providers such as Google Suite or Microsoft Suite.

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