System Integration & Data Migration
To get the most out of your new eLearning platform, we recommend that you work with experts – like us – to ensure that software integrations, design, file migration, user experience, features, consulting and technical support are all in sync so that the LMS is as you want it to be.
Software Integration

With dozens of LMSs already developed in several countries, we can integrate the Totara and Open-source platforms with other software, allowing communication between the various systems, facilitating automatic data sharing, guaranteeing the speed and simplicity of data exchange, without the need for manual file passing.


Services & Advantages


Automate communication

Promote the exchange of data between other software and the LMS, using an API, facilitating the automatic sharing of information, in a simplified way.

Data Sharing

Control course completion, user signings or even skills acquired in more than one software.

Adapted to you

We use the power of eLearning platforms and training assessment to give you the reports you need, within the software you need.

Avoid duplicate data

Centralize training plans’ data, hierarchies, management of face-to-face or blended training, avoiding data redundancy.


If there is data on other platforms and formats, it is possible to migrate to Moodle and Totara, allowing you to bring your training history to your new platform, keeping in one place all the records of your users and their training.


Services & Advantages


Data Mapping

When you are moving from one platform to another – structure, names, tables – organization logic and data mapping are both part of a very important initial step that we can help you with.

By phases or Big Bang

Choose a team that has the experience to tell you if the migration process should be phased or in just 2 days and whether you should keep the old database or not.

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