Executive Education
EDUdigital is a partner of Universidade Nova de Lisboa - School of Business & Economics and offers training programs dedicated to the needs of executives. These are programs in different areas adapted to the objectives and activities of professionals and middle and senior managers of companies. Explore the 11 programs we have available.
Udemy Courses

EDUdigital is an official partner of Udemy Business; provides and integrates more than 183,000 courses produced by specialists on technical and behavioral subjects on platforms. Udemy courses are designed to specialize trainees, increase productivity and provide technical skills in critical knowledge areas.

Services and Advantages



Several modalities available

Executive courses are available in 3 modalities: face-to-face, online or mixed. And they have several dates of sessions taking place during the year. To adapt to the needs and lack of time of executives.

Executive programs available

Corporate Governance: Performance on Boards. Corporate Governance: Leadership of Boards. Objectives Key Results. Leadership, Agility and Adaptability. Applied Digital Transformation. Finance for Non-Financials. Effective Leadership. Operational Excellence. Exponential Business Administration. Strategic planning. Women's Leadership Program.

Online course platform

EDUdigital sets up Udemy courses on its eLearning platform, to access more than 180,000 courses in English and 1,400 courses (and counting) in Portuguese, so that you have all the training in one place.

Udemy course content

Content with more than 30 minutes of video. They also add resources and various types of practical activities. The courses include videos, slides and text and are divided into thematic units for easy consolidation of learning.

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