Detection and prevention
of plagiarism
Ouriginal is a tool for higher education institutions, schools and other organizations that, through text recognition with machine learning, analyze documents and detect, prevent and deal with plagiarism.
Plagiarism analysis and detection process
Work submission

The user uploads the document (thesis or paper) to the platform where the existence of plagiarism will be verified, out of similar documents. The system can be integrated into the eLearning platform used by the institution.

Comparison with sources

Throughout electronic research, documents are verified in three central sources: internet, materials published in scientific journals and repositories and also works / materials previously sent by other students. In this research, the texts and sources that most correspond to the analysis are highlighted and the data are saved.

Analysis through machine learning

When the document begins to display similarities in text with the content of documents stored on the web, the system signals possible plagiarism. The degree of correspondence is recorded, taking into account the use of explanations, comments and synonyms. The system is constantly expanding and detects the use of synonyms and other substitutions, also comparing content from different languages.


The results are presented in an understandable report that contains all the information required for the teacher (or even the student) to determine whether there is a certain percentage of plagiarism.

Services & Advantages
Anti-plagiarism installation

We install and set up the anti-plagiarism software, in a quick and easy process of integration into the eLearning platform or via the web.

Teaching Quality

Subscribing to anti-plagiarism allows your institution to provide more reliable and quality education, contributing to the protection of intellectual property.

Reports and Support

Get detailed reports on the percentage of plagiarism as well as the links used in plagiarism, with a technical support and helpdesk team at your educational institution.

Online training and course book

Count on our expert team to train teachers on plagiarism limits, adjustable settings and how to save hours of work using the software.

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