Management system
Platform created thinking about the interaction between the different actors in the school process in which users can access a complete school information system, managing several activities simultaneously, combined with a high level of personalization.
Services & Advantages
Pedagogical Management

-Allows summary registration;
- Class grades;
- Schedule management;
- Curricular plans;
- Class planning and reports

Administrative Management

- Allows you to manage students, teachers and staff;
- Perform statistics;
- Manage enrolment/renewals and integrate with external software.

Financial Management

- Does all the invoicing;
- Article management;
-Cash flow and issuance of monthly fees;
-Fines and current account management.

Integration with other softwares

It is possible to communicate with eSchooling from other platforms, with reliability and data consistency, such as the connection to a Moodle platform or a Primavera software.

Mobile app

Access your academic information from any mobile phone or computer, with your student or teacher profile, in a friendly interface and from any location.

Examinations Secretariat

It allows the selection of professors for exams, sending invitations and setting up the specifics of the evaluation test.

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