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Case Study Zurich Seguros

Zurich Seguros


Seguros Vida e Não Vida

Zurich is one of the world's leading insurers providing solutions in over 215 countries and territories

5000 people

Framework +

Zurich is a leading multi-line Insurance Company serving its clients in global and local markets. Born in Switzerland, it has approximately 55,000 employees and offers property, accident and life insurance products and services in more than 215 countries and territories.

Challenges +

In 2020, Zurich identified a need for the entire network of insurers and agents to have a new way of managing their training with increasing growth needs and learning requirements.

Zurich needed an online training platform with integration with the internal software, which could be adapted to its new training needs of business partners who wanted to manage current and future training, both in face-to-face training and in eLearning training , such as compliance training required by the various regulatory bodies.

About 5,000 workers in Portugal use this platform.

The Solution +

Zurich chose to work with EDUdigital as a Totara Gold partner to create a Totara Learn platform that can be scalable with your needs over time.

EDUdigital designed the LMS (Learning Management System) to support the development of employees' skills, both online and in person, for behavioral and technical training. The configuration of the platform and its integration with the Zurich software focuses on monitoring and managing in-person and online training to manage attendance, sessions, courses and management of monthly training hours.

EDUdigital developed the installation and configuration of the Totara platform on the EDUdigital Data Center servers. Single sign on and LDAP accesses were configured to allow users to access their normal accounts, without the need for new accounts and passwords, making it easier for workers to access the LMS.

The Totara platform and its bilateral integration with the Zurich systems were planned to support the blended learning strategy, articulating both types of face-to-face and online training. It also allows for mandatory training and certification processes, which is a legal requirement in the Insurance sector. The insertion of training plans was developed, and EDUdigital also used the target audiences to allow Zurich to organize its workers by hierarchies, profiles, tasks and departments to facilitate the management of training, and reflect the organizational structure.

The Totara platform has been fully customized to the Zurich Insurance company's requirements, including the link between the Human Resources software, the branding design and a custom landing page, to ensure that the platform is consistent with the Zurich look and feel. give a sense of cohesion with the rest of your digital presence.

Result +

Zurich has a training platform rich in features that allows them to manage all the training of their agents and business partners in skills and training topics effectively, not only now, but in the future.

Being a recent solution, Zurich now has an efficient way to manage training activities, in a solution with a perfectly flexible base and that reflects its organizational structure and its teams.

Zurich can also cross information between the various Human Resources software and the platform, using performance management tools, facilitating the connection and achievement of goals with innovative synchronous and asynchronous training tools.

EDUdigital continues to support Zurich, and both parties are involved in this digital training solution, with the success of the platform and its global partnership.

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