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Case Study Camões - Instituto da Língua e da Cooperação

Camões - Instituto da Língua e da Cooperação


Education, Cooperation, Language, Social and economic development

Instituto Camões belongs to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is specialized in promoting the Portuguese language and cooperation in foreign countries.

3000 people

Framework +

Instituto Camões was created to promote the Portuguese language and Portuguese culture abroad. Under the supervision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it ensures the coordination and execution of projects for the dissemination of the Portuguese language and cooperation with several countries.

Challenges +

The Camões Institute intended to develop online training in Portuguese, update its Moodle platform and invest in online training in the areas of Good Governance, with numerous courses in various areas for Public Staff and Teachers in Timor-Leste. These trainings and online platforms are the result of Cooperation priorities, responding to the strategies defined by Camões and to the training needs of teachers, jurists and senior staff in East Timor.

The Camões Institute needed an eLearning platform, with a mobile App, tailor-made production of training modules in Portuguese, with videos and interactive resources, in areas such as crime prevention, financial crime and social auditing. This asynchronous training for the management of public finances and for the formative management of courses will take place on the online platform and aims to reach around 3000 users.

The Solution +

Based on the analysis of the needs of Instituto Camões, EDUdigital developed an operational plan, in which the customized configuration of the Moodle platform, the installation of the Moodle mobile app, the certified training of the team and the production and management of digital content for better effectiveness in distance learning.

EDUdigital planned, designed and organized the digital contents and the technical and pedagogical maintenance of this eLearning platform for Distance Learning, both in the more technical component and functionalities, and in the more pedagogical component of the good use of the platform and digital contents .

The Moodle platform, the creation of storyboards, the production of videos and animations and their connection to the existing systems in Camões were planned to support a strategy of continuity in investing in elearning and blended learning, articulating both types of synchronous training and asynchronous. With about 100 modules in the project for East Timor and more than 100 videos for the Portuguese language online training project, the aim is to respond to the so-called new normal, with online training and education processes.

Result +

Camões Institute has an eLearning Training platform with several functionalities and hundreds of digital resources with texts, images, videos, voiceovers and interactivities that allows it to manage all the training of its partners in East Timor and also allows for training language for the general public, whether for language skills or for skills in good governance and transparency in economic and financial matters.

With the work of EDUdigital, it was possible for Instituto Camões to put into practice the creation of an online training environment, to develop projects to improve the management of Public Finances in Timor-Leste and also courses in the Portuguese language for specific purposes, and be able to centrally exercise content management on the web platform.

By having access to the eLearning services provided by EDUdigital, Camões managed to improve its actions in national and international programs, thus managing to promote the creation of learning in specific areas, for poverty eradication and sustainable development, in a context of respect for human rights.

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