We believe that
learning never ends.

EDUdigital is a company specialized in technologies for learning, in the business, educational and public sectors. For us it is important to promote innovation and the development of institutions, with our experience and diversity of products..

Innovation in

We have flexible and pioneering services for you, delivering personalized eLearning platforms, interactive digital content and analysis tools. We are partners of several large companies and world brands of technologies in training.

eLearning platforms.
Customized. Safe.

We deliver open source platforms, rich in plugins, with managed hosting and technical support for a good eLearning experience, compatible with other software and with detailed reports.
eLearning courses.
Made to Measure or Catalog.

Work with our team of designers to produce bespoke eLearning, gamification and engaging pedagogical scripts. Or simply put your branding on our catalog courses, in modules made by experts and responsive to any device.

Web applications and
Academic services

We analyze your organization's data to make a good software integration or application installation experience, automating learning management.
How we work



Facts and numbers
+ 90.000 active users
+ 100 customers around the world
+ 80 online platforms

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