Certified Training

Save time and money with catalogue eLearning courses and rely on our technical and pedagogical support, through experienced professionals, to identify eLearning objectives, maximize your project's potential and accelerate its implementation.

eLearning Courses Catalogue

Excellent quality content, made by experts in each subject. With the option of customized branding and validation of screens by the customer. Easy to implement on any platform.


Services & Advantages
Solving problems

Talk to us about your challenges and we provide consulting and the solution you are looking for, be it a strategy, a training or an implementation.

Efficient training

Enrol your managers in our LMS admin courses with new software updates..

Supporting your needs

Our technical-pedagogical service responds to your needs. Tell us what you want and we'll do a collaborative implementation with you.

Building Syllabus

We develop your course’s program and thematic units, along with our experts and your validation.

Live Training

Live training is an online training, run in real time by a trainer in a format similar to the classroom. Achieve the same results as a face-to-face training from your preferred location, without the need to travel to a training center and actively participate in class, interacting with the trainer and other colleagues present.



eTrainers &
LMS Administrators Courses

As experts in eLearning platforms, we do hands-on workshops to technically train eTrainers and eLearning platform administrators. Contact us and we'll prepare training adapted to your users’ profile: good practices in order to boost your online training and the technical knowledge required for the technical administration of your eLearning platform.



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