Content production
audiovisual and multimedia
We develop motion graphics animations and online courses based on more complex game dynamics for customers who want eLearning at a higher level, with video recordings, microlearning animations ou even gamification formats, for future learning.
Interactive animations & microlearning

Each motion graphics animation, each course with competition/scoring dynamics, requires us to know the goal we want to achieve at the end, in a process of collaboration with the client. In this process we have to develop the main idea, the storyboards for videos/animations, audio scripts, maximizing feedback with the client, developing a “microlearning” or a collaboration/competition that can involve your company’s users.

Services & Advantages
Video & audio recording

Enrich your eLearning with our video production and voiceover recording in the studio, with professional voice actors.

Text production & storyboards

Explore the creativity of our multimedia designers in creating storyboards for motion graphics or video and texts/scripts for a more visually appealing and pedagogical design.

Gamification activities

Add collaboration, scoring or competition elements to courses, improving learning impact and knowledge assimilation in your organization.

2D & 3D Animation

Use our 2D and 3D crafting, modelling and animation to add more realism to formations and simulations.

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