Production of eLearning
and Microlearning
We create eLearning courses from scratch, adapted and personalized to your organization, from educational content sent by you or produced by our team.
Customized courses
for your needs

The eLearning courses are produced in compliance with the requirements and objectives of the clients, being fully customizable, with the appropriate learning experience that suits your organization. It is also possible to include multimedia content that complements the training, such as simulations, animations, videos, audio and subtitles.

Advantages of eLearning courses

Certified Training

Content Quality


Fast and effective

Training anywhere, anytime
eLearning Services
Requirement Analysis

Specific analysis of the course's requirements and objectives, with subsequent creation of the instructional design of the original texts.

Instructional design

The pedagogical guidelines and methodologies are transformed into a proof of concept taking into account the implementation of interactivity and dynamics components.

Multimedia content

Possibility to choose between real images and illustrations, as well as the alternative between video with real actors and motion graphics, and voiceovers.

Video and audio

The video recordings and voice-overs to be integrated into the courses are carried out in professional studios.

Customer Delivery

An interactive course is created with animations, multimedia content, exercises and final test, registered in the SCORM standard.

Final product

Each training module is developed with an approximate duration of 35 minutes, with an average of 30 screens, 3 to 5 built-in exercises and a final test.

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