eLearning Plattform
to your measure

More than 10 years developing open-source elearning platforms. As Totara Gold Partners we deliver the best flexibility and customization of the platforms. Using bespoke solutions tailored to your needs garanting quality in training.



Open-source Platform


Your organization needs people to learn what is critical in their area and have training reports available. Our Learning Management System (LMS) gives you the freedom to have a set of services that make it unique, standing out for its flexibility and customization possibilities.



Totara Platforms

Totara Talent Experience Platform (Totara Learn, Totara Perform e Totara Engage) was created to customize the eLearning training of the organizations. Joining flexibility, UX Design, synchronization with other software, face-to-face management and the needed reporting to the company.
Cloud Learn

Cloud Learn allows you to have an eLearning platform without having to purchase one. Access our learning management platform online to launch and run courses, monitor and manage users, without the need to use administration tools.

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