Open Source
eLearning Platform
An open source learning platform, designed for trainers, administrators and trainees. It offers flexible services adapted to all types of learning, with an integrated, secure and personalized system to the needs of each institution.
Services and Advantages
Consulting services

Based on an analysis of the needs of your business, EDUdigital advises you on the best eLearning solutions.

Experience customization

Access a customized platform tailored to you and your users, both in terms of image and graphic identity, as well as the resources and features made available.

Hosting and implementation

We perform all the technical work of hosting, implementing and managing the platform, and we can integrate with your systems and management software.

Reporting and analysis

Track users 'progress through detailed and personalized reports, so you can improve and adapt trainees' learning pathways.

ELearning courses

Purchase a course from our eLearning catalog, or have support in creating courses and training adapted to the needs of your organization and trainees.

LMS Training

We provide access to training in administration and management of LMS platforms, e-Trainers, among others.


A platform optimized for multiple devices, so users can learn at any time, including offline.

Technical support

Our expert team answers and helps you with all your questions and problems regarding the platform.

Mobile Application

Constant digital transformations lead to a more immediate need for access to content. The Mobile App allows greater flexibility and accessibility in distance learning, in which students can learn at any time and place, including offline, and the trainers are able to interact with the classes and keep track of their progress.


Branded App

We have experience in projects in national and international projects. From platform administration training and technical support, to hosting and implementation, we provide all the services your company needs to greatest benefit of the application.


Advantages of the Branded App

We personalize the application with your logo and graphic identity, including the icon, splash screens and its presentation on the App Store and Google Play.

Simplified Login

Synchronization of the application for quick login by users.

Offline learning

Area dedicated to notifications to keep trainees up to date, as well as the possibility for them to access and interact with offline content.

Your company's technical support

Have your own support page where trainees can request support for using the application.

Training and support

Support and technical support in the implementation of the application, and availability of certified training in the management of the platform, so that you get the most out of it.

Publishing and maintenance

Publication of the application on the App Store and Google Play and management of its updates.


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