Open Source
eLearning Platform
An open source learning platform, designed for trainers, administrators and trainees. It offers flexible services adapted to all types of learning, with an integrated, secure and personalized system to the needs of each institution.
Services and Advantages
Training plans & LMS Structuring

Build training plans, sequential, based on resumes, skills or a structure founded on your company’s needs, from an intuitive platform tailored to match your profile.

Customized Design

A platform with your brand, UX design, control panels and tailored features.

Managed Hosting & Updates

Host on servers with daily back-ups, software updates, safe access and 24/7 support.

Reports and Plug-ins

Monitor trainees’ progress through customized reports, grades, training certificates and implementing several useful plugins which we setup on LMS.

Data Integration and Migration

Link other softwares to the eLearning Platform, for data sharing and/or user or grading migration between them.

LMS Training

We provide access to training in administration and management of LMS platforms, e-Trainers, among others.

Mobile App

Use the platform on any smartphone, tablet or PC, with an active synchronization with the LMS, improving user experience and granting access to the LMS on several devices through our user-friendly interface.

Technical and Pedagogical Support

Our expert team answers and helps you via phone or online (24/7) with all your questions and problems regarding the platform.

Mobile App

Our mobile app allows for a bigger flexibility and accessibility on remote learning. Through it users can learn at any time and place, interact with their class and keep track of their progress.

LMS Training for Administrators and eTrainers

We are certified by DGERT (European Union standards) to train LMS eTrainers our Platform Administrators. Both trainings aim to transfer knowledge to the clients, be it to pedagogically stimulate online trainings, its courses or its students, or to set up the platform, its structure, profiles, authentications, among others.



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