A complete and fully integrated platform
A login, a group of notifications and a place for its users to learn and share knowledge. Raise human capital management to the next level with Totara Learning Experience, designed for training, performance management and team collaboration using open-source technology.
Official Totara Partners

As Totara Gold Alliance Partner, EDUdigital has evolved the features of a tradional eLearning platform to an efficient and involving user experience, with better design, gamification and skills evaluation. You don’t need to worry about hosting, implementing, updates, training and continuous support, since we provide every service your organization needs.

Improve your team with Totara Learn

Explore a learning management platform (LMS) that simplifies training automation, with extensible features which allows you to deliver tailored training.
Advantages of the platform
Suited for you

Manage multiple groups of different users from a single platform, in a simplified way.

Mandatory training and certifications

Improve and facilitate regulatory training with automated reminders for new courses other must-have resources.

Multi-structural organization

Use the multi-tenancy tool to develop customized websites for each division, with a single installation. Create control panels for managers and assign tasks for specific groups.

Reports and monitoring

Use powerful reporting tools, report builder and graphical data visualization, to track course completion rates and perform evaluations.

Branded custom Design

ItProvide themes and custom design on LMS with your organization's brand and custom dashboards for training managers.

Face-to-face training management

With no need of being an administrator, easily organize in-person and blended-learning sessions, with certificate issuance at the end.

Totara Mobile App

With the new Totara Learn mobile app, trainees can complete courses on their smartphones, anywhere and at the most appropriate time for each one.

Promote knowledge sharing with Totara Engage

Unleash the power of shared and social learning, as well as content curation with Totara Engage. Transform the way your colleagues share know-how or their opinions within workflows.
 Platform Advantages
Learning Lists

Easily share lists that incorporate videos, podcasts, articles, blogs and other training content. Any user can create their own lists to share across the company.

Easy software integration

Totara Engage perfectly integrates with Totara Learn and Totara Perform, as well as communication tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack, in order to create a complete eLearning and communication platform.

Connection between peers

It is possible to plan and design training courses according to the specific needs of each position and hierarchical level, directing relevant content to its recipients.

Training Gamification

Reward your team for completing and creating quality training content. A competitive element drives motivation and interest.

Encourage social learning

In times of remote work, re-establish the interactions between the people who are responsible for 70% of workplace learning.

Increase organization productivity

A performance management program, based on Agile methodologies adapted to your organization. Improve employee performance and involvement in relation to your company's goals.
Advantages of platform
Adapted to your company

Use a work methodology based on Agile, which matches the needs and methods of your organization.

Relevant feedback

Take advantage of the various methods of giving and receiving feedback, facilitating assessment by colleagues, peers and the employee's own self-assessment, among others.

Improve productivity

Using evaluation methods, be able to align the work of employees with your company's goals.

Performance management

Manage the company's performance in a simplified way with the integration of Human Resources Management software.

Customized solutions

Customize the platform with solutions tailored to your organization, objectives and needs.

Objective evaluation

Through reports and graphics it is possible to analyze the performance of employees, thus creating relevant interactions between the various hierarchical positions.

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