Management system
Platform created thinking about the interaction between the different actors in the school process in which users can access a complete school information system, managing several activities simultaneously, combined with a high level of personalization..

This area allows users with the necessary permissions to manage all the dynamics of book requests within the institution. This includes the number of copies per book, requisition, renewal and delivery of books, as well as the application of fines for late delivery.

Physical resource management

It is possible to create and manage the inventory of available resources, such as rooms, computers and all types of equipment that users can request. The resource manager is responsible for administering the inventory, validating and managing the requisitions, among other tasks.

Examination Secretariat

Its main function is to facilitate the resource management and examination surveillance processes, having the following features for this:
• Selection and exemption of teachers for examinations;
• Creation of calls for professors;
• Notification of surveillance;
• Registration and management of the number of surveillances per teacher;
• Exam specificities settings;


It is possible to interconnect the following platforms in the eSchooling solution with the guarantee of reliability and data consistency:
• Integrator Primavera
• Integrator Sige3
• Integrator GIAF (Indra)
• Integrator F3M

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